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Louis Vuitton

Time Out Sneaker - Designer Sneakers for Women

Time Out Sneaker - Designer Sneakers for Women

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Luxe Tas's Note:

Experience the revamped Time Out sneaker in a captivating blend of calf leather and sustainable Monogram nylon, an exquisite manifestation of style and eco-consciousness. Elevating its allure, this model showcases a fashionable elevated outsole adorned with debossed Monogram Flower motifs, paying homage to Louis Vuitton's iconic heritage. The addition of two meticulously crafted, gold-tone eyelets engraved with the L*V signature further accentuates the luxurious appeal of this extraordinary design.


  • Cacao Brown
  • Calf leather and recycled Monogram nylon
  • Elevated, treaded rubber outsole
  • L*V-engraved eyelets
  • Monogram Flowers on the outsole

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