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Louis Vuitton

Time Out Sneaker - Designer Sneakers for Women

Time Out Sneaker - Designer Sneakers for Women

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Luxe Tas's Note:

Discover the stunning reimagination of the Time Out sneaker in the striking gray Monogram denim, harmoniously crafted to complement the exquisite Cruise 2023 leather goods collection. Embodying the essence of Louis Vuitton's iconic style, this remarkable edition features a fashionable elevated outsole adorned with captivating Monogram Flowers. The addition of white laces and intricately engraved, gold-tone eyelets perfectly accentuates the intricate design, creating a truly captivating and sophisticated aesthetic.


  • Gray
  • Monogram denim
  • Elevated, treaded rubber outsole
  • L*V-engraved eyelets
  • Monogram Flowers on the outsole

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